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Who is behind ThinkingLocal.ca?

Sébastien Bacharach
Sébastien has been doing web design in Perth and Lanark county area since 2008 and started playing with html code a few years before that. Originally from France, he has lived in Ireland and California prior to settling down in the Ottawa area. Besides designing websites, Sébastien is a part of the teaching team for Permaculture Eastern Ontario. When he is not in front of his computer or teaching permaculture, you may find him in his garden, or inside drawing, reading or, listening to podcasts. He enjoys travelling nearby and far away, hiking, and meeting new people. Sébastien is also very passionate about making the world a better place, starting with his own community. he is a cofounder of Transition Perth.

Bonnie Joyce
With a diverse background in political science, marketing and advertising, Bonnie lived and worked in Toronto for several years before settling in Perth in 2011. But with a family cottage on Bob's Lake and retired parents living in Perth, Bonnie is no stranger to Lanark County. She has fond childhood memories of walks through Stewart Park, eating at favourite local restaurants, and even vowed to one day get married at Code's Mill (which she did in 2009). As a new resident of Perth she witnessed a thriving community but was frustrated with how difficult it was to find information about local groups and events. So much seemed to be spread by word of mouth, posted to exclusive online groups or dispersed throughout printed news sources, with few online resources. It was this experience that inspired the idea of an open and accessible community-driven website that could help provide up to date information about the goings on in Lanark County. As a small business owner and one of the founders of the Midnight Makers Collective, Bonnie is an advocate for small business and feels the community would benefit from an online directory including not just large mainstream businesses but also harder-to-find businesses like her own Georgina Naturals. 

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