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Helpful Tips

ThinkingLocal.ca is easy to use!  Sign-in with your existing social media account or create a free account, in order to make a listing, discussion or event. To create a new account simply click on “Register” in the top left hand corner of the home page. You will also be directed to the Register page if you try to submit a Listing, Discussion, or Event.

On the Register page click on Create a New Account (or Log in if you have already created an account). Fill out the form provided OR click on one of the social media buttons to log in through your favourite social media platform. (This is a quick and easy option because you don’t need to create a new username or password (one less password to forget!) Don’t worry, doing this does not allow us to post on your behalf or have access to your social media accounts!)

Once you have submitted your registration you will receive an email. Open it and click on the link provided to verify your email address and activate your account. Voila! You’re done. Now you can get starting posting as much as you like on ThinkingLocal.ca.

***NOTE: Registering an account is NOT the same thing as creating a listing. Once registered you will need to Login and go to "Submit a Listing" to create a listing. 

Check out our helpful visual guides:

Handy Guide - How to Register with ThinkingLocal.ca (it's free!)

Handy Guide for Charities, Groups and Organizations - How ThinkingLocal.ca Can Help You

Handy Guide for Businesses and Services - How ThinkingLocal.ca Can Help You 

Where Do I Post?

  • Post in the LISTINGS section if you are a business, church, theatre, charity or community organization (club, group etc). This is meant to be an opportunity for businesses and organizations to get their names out there! Anyone posting spammy listings will be notified and their listings removed. 
  • Post in the EVENTS section if you want to share an event (this could be a one time OR recurring event). You will have the option of making your event 'recurring' in the listing so please try not to post unnecessary duplicates of the same event.
  • Post in the DISCUSSION section if you want to share an article, story or opinion piece. You can also comment on existing posts by replying below the original piece of writing - this is what really starts conversations, and what our 'discussions' section is all about. Any racist or derogatory content will be removed - please, be hard on the issues, but soft on the people! 

If you have any problems don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll help sort you out: yourfriends@thinkinglocal.ca