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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ThinkingLocal.ca?

ThinkingLocal.ca is your go-to place for finding out what's happening in Lanark County. Think of us as your local bulletin board. Community driven and volunteer run, we've created an online space where anyone can share event information, create free business or organization listings, and write about issues that are close to your heart. This website is what YOU bring to it .. so let's get started!

* Share an event
* Create a listing for a business or organization
* Search for a business or service in your community
* Start a discussion about an important issue
* Leave a review for a business or service.

Don't fit into any of our listed categories?

Let us know. We're open to suggestions as we work out all the kinks - your input is important to us! If you think there are categories missing let us know. Email us at yourfriends@thinkinglocal.ca

What's a listing?

A listing is a page that features a business, religious group, theatre, charity or community organization (... or a club, group etc). Listings are searchable in our ThinkingLocal.ca directory and FREE to create! Listings are an excellent way of giving businesses and organizations an online presence and helping people find you.

What is an Event?

Any one time OR recurring event can be posted in our Events listings, for FREE! Think: fireworks displays, music festivals, yoga classes, or polar bear dips. If you have an event and want to let people know about it - this is the place to post it. We want to help everyone to have full access to what's going on in Lanark County.

What is a Discussion?

Our Discussion section is a place where you can share or discuss anything of interest to you or your community. This is your voice - the voice of Lanark County, unfiltered. Write something and upload a picture if you like. People will be able to comment or discuss below the original post. Have something say, say it here.

Define 'local'.

At the moment ThinkingLocal.ca is for Lanark County, allowing users to search various regions such as Mississippi Mills, Perth or Lanark for example. As we grow, we are hoping to spread to other counties in Ontario.

How do I create a listing?

Creating a listing is easy. Scroll over "Submit" in the main menu and select either "Submit Listing", "Submit Event" or Submit Discussion". If you have any troubles don't hesitate to contact us at yourfriends@thinkinglocal.ca

What's the catch?

There is none! We love Lanark County and want to help bring it into the 21st century. At a time when we have nearly universal access to the internet, it seemed crazy to us that an effective online platform did not exist for sharing and searching information about our County. Help spread the word and make ThinkingLocal.ca a valuable asset to our community!

Excited? So are we.

Spread the word!