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Introducing ThinkingLocal.ca

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Introducing ThinkingLocal.ca

There’s a new place where you can share your events, discuss local issues and find unique businesses and organizations online in Lanark County. Welcome to ThinkingLocal.ca!

ThinkingLocal.ca is a community building tool created just for the good folks of Lanark County. Our goal is to engage local citizens, start discussions, and help people shop and live locally.

The concept was created by three Perth residents and entrepreneurs who saw a pressing need for an online space where the people of Lanark County could share and organize events, ideas and other information for free. When co-founder Bonnie Joyce moved to Perth in 2011, she recalls witnessing a thriving community, but found it difficult to integrate or find information about local groups and events. So much seemed to be spread by word of mouth, posted to exclusive online groups or dispersed throughout printed news sources, with few online resources. It was this experience that inspired the idea of an open and accessible community-driven website that could help provide up to date information about the goings on in Lanark County.

Through the help of the community, ThinkingLocal.ca aims to create:

1. An extensive Directory of businesses (big and small) as well as clubs and organizations. We offer businesses space to post FREE, detailed listings that become searchable in the directory. Local organizations, clubs, theatres and religious groups are also encouraged to create free listings. The people of our County deserve to know what is available to them! Share links to your social media, website or online shop. Tweak your listing anytime to advertise upcoming sales or events. Display photos of your products and shop space.

2. A vibrant community Discussion Board. Share a story, discuss a current issue, or talk about the news that matters to you. Our Discussions board allows people to start a dialogue about ... whatever! Our easy to use format allows others to reply or comment on your article, encouraging transparent community discussion to unfold.

3. An online Events Calendar that anyone can contribute to. Having a fundraiser? A theatre production or craft show? Avoid hefty newspaper fees or stapling fliers to bulletin boards (yuck!) ThinkingLocal.ca wants to be your favorite way of sharing your event with the community. Post your event, workout class, fundraiser, (or whatever) to ThinkingLocal.ca and it'll become searchable in our events listings, and visible in our online calendar.

Anyone (and indeed EVERYONE) is encouraged to post a listing, event, or discussion – the site is completely free to use.

Lanark County: ThinkingLocal.ca will be whatever YOU make of it. We've created this tool in the hopes that people will use it to share, explore and learn from each other - in true 21st century fashion. This is your online outlet, your megaphone - your digital town crier, you might say. The more you use it, the more powerful a tool it will become.

We hope you’ll join us.  Check it out at www.thinkinglocal.ca